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Vehicle Types

From 12-passenger van and 15-passenger van to suburban and minivan, AUTOLINK RENTAL has a selection of vehicles you can choose from.

12 or 15 Passenger vans

These are large passenger vans meant for multiple families or large business groups on vacation or business trips. Each of these has a vacancy for 12 or 15 passengers depending on your pick and are moderately large vans meant to drive in style without being too large to handle for the average driver. The 12-seat van will carry 12 passengers and 5 bags while the 15-seat van will carry 15 passengers and 2 bags. Contact us if you need a 12 or 15-passenger vans in Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Memorial, or surrounding areas.

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Chevrolet Suburbans

An estate car for both on-road and off-road abilities, SUVs make for a fantastic ride when you are on vacation in a city like Houston or going out of town with friends, family, or business associates. If you are looking for spacious interiors and great on-road features, SUVs are the way to go. They are hardcore, durable, and very feisty. This Chevrolet Suburban can carry 8 passengers and 5 bags.

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This 7-passenger minivan is ideal for family, church groups, business travels, or just a group of friends who are our to have fun in style and comfort. The minivan can carry up to 7 people and 3 bags.

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